I’m Sorry, I Thought This Was America!

My blog has had the distinguished honor of getting flagged as mature by WordPress. I guess when you write about dolphin fucking and whores with stinky vaginas, it’s to be expected. Basically, what this means is that none of my posts are going to be on the WordPress main page and I’m never going to be eligible to be Freshly Pressed. Which I hear is really good at driving traffic to your blog. I’m not going to have other wayward bloggers find my site by accident, not through WordPress Reader anyways.

Now there are two ways a person can handle this: One is to bitch and moan about how unfair it is. Blame it on stupid fellow bloggers who reported you and call WordPress a bunch of commie faggots who are censoring free speech like some shit out of 1984.


Another, slightly more dignified approach, is to take responsibility for the things one says. You have the right to say what you wish, but there are repercussions for it. My writing style is still evolving, but right now, I like to deem it as eloquently vulgar. I mix a lot of offensive language with a couple of hundred dollar words and then trim it down. That means that I turn off a lot of potential readers that would have liked me otherwise, had I toned it down a notch. I believe in my current state, if I tone it down a notch, my writing would lose some of the edge that makes it distinguished and truly mine.

This is a little bit of a set back, but fuck it, it’s just another challenge to over come and get my stupid little Mexican brain thinking of how to promote myself through other avenues. It will force me to seek more writing opportunities on other sites so I can drive traffic here and gain ground with new people reading my material. As of right now, I have 52 followers, a platoon sized element of people willing to read what I have to say. They subscribed because they read something they liked and wanted more. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to give it to them.

The only way one can become a good writer is by staying true to themselves and what they are and to what they represent. If you try to please everybody, you please no one. I’m not writing to please everyone, but rather, to please the small niche of people who will think my writing is worth something. So, WordPress, you can keep that little adorable Freshly Pressed trophy, I’ll earn my followers through hard work and tenacity.

~Raul Felix

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8 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, I Thought This Was America!

  1. They responded to your email? I sent one last week, I think. If my blog is listed as mature, I’ll be kind of pissed. Using profanity does not a mature blog make.

    Oh well, fuck them and their censorship. There are other ways to promote your blog. You shouldn’t change a thing.

    • Yeah they referred me to their little policy. I mean, I understand, you have to keep it clean somewhere. I do do an overabundance of cursing, but that is my character. I’ll figure out other ways. Plenty of writers go famous without the little wordpress portal.

    • Thank you. I was quite proud of myself when I came up with it. Then, why don’t you just become coyly vulgar or properly vulgar? I know you English will say the meanest things, in a subtle way, and add a Sir or Miss at the end of it to make yourself sound proper.

      • you’re still hung up on that border control cow…
        i’ve never called anyone sir or miss or madam in my life
        but we English are the masters of sarcasm
        how about demurely vulgar? sort of oxymoronic

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