I do my best to text
with perfect grammar
It’s my little way
I distinguish myself

I know you talk to other boys
I talk to other girls
Why shouldn’t you?
I just met you last weekend

There is no reason
for you to feel any sense of
loyalty to me
and I to you

When we text
I make sure not to respond
Too quickly or earnestly
To create a masquerade of busyness

I offer to take you for a drink
You accept
We make plans to meet
at a place on Main Street

That morning I awake
to a text from you
you have to cancel
we decide to reschedule

I make new plans for the night
I may have met someone new
The weekend passes by
I may have met someone new

“Hey you!” I text
No response. A few days pass
I offer to take you for a drink
No response

You may have lost interest
You may have found someone else
You may have broken your phone
You may have died

I’ll never know
I delete your number
I’m already working on
someone I may have met

~Raul Felix

“Let me see some more of your stupid poetry!” Whatever, dick: Empty Chair