The Witch In My Dream

I awoke from a dream.
It was one of those dreams that was so real that I genuinely believed it happened for a few moments.
I tried and failed to fall back asleep, hoping my mind would go back to where it left off.
My heart was pounding furiously, I laid in my bed staring into the darkness,
Making sense of the little dream fragments seared into my mind.

I chased after her, dashing as fast as I could.
Like a witch, she would vanish as I reached to grasp her.
I could hear her laugh, enticing and mocking me.
Then, she would appear, just out of arms reach.
I pounced, she vanished yet again, and I landed on my face.

“Do better,” I hear her voice echo, “Are you worthy?”
I wait in an athletic stance, keeping my head on a swivel.
She appeared.
I leaped with full force.
I wrapped my arms around her, as we fell, I turned her body towards the sky, so she would land on me and be safe.
“Do you truly feel you’ve earned me?” she whispers.
I move in to kiss her and I wake alone in my bed.

~Raul Felix

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She Had The Body Of A Greek Goddess

I slide my fingers up her thigh, to her ass, and up her spine.
She’s naked in the fetal position, dozing off.
Pale and smooth, not a hair on her body.
She’s tired. Life has tuckered her out.
I pull her up to my chest, her snore a faint hint in my ear.

She reminds me of a statue, how serene she is.
Those ones you find in those fine art museums,
Each sculptor’s interpretation of their feminine ideal,
Of a Greek Goddess.

My fingers run through her red hair gently, then toward her spine.
Up, down, side to side, in a circle. Repeat.
I think deeply as my fingers run through her physique.
Those statues weren’t an imaginary ideal,
Women like this inspired those statues.

~Raul Felix

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