To My Future Wife: I Will Make You Proud To Have Me As Your Man

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I write this poem for you because I am lonely.
I write this at this moment because I don’t know who you are,
Or even the prospect of who you may be.
I write this because I need to give myself hope,
To write some words that I desperately need to get out of my system.

Each day I work on myself.
Not just to make myself and my life better,
Also to be better for you.

I work on myself so when the time comes,
I am able to catch your attention and interest,
I am able to impress you with who I am,
I am able to show you I am worthwhile,
I am able to make you proud to have me as your man.

Some days, I struggle and I lie in my bed.
Feeling sorry for myself,
Feeling angry and frustrated,
Feeling defeated, worthless, cheap, dumb, and gullible.

Yet there is this fire inside of me,
I know I can’t just lie there.
I have to continue on my trek to success.
I work hard to make the money to establish myself,
I work out to create a strong body for both your pleasure and protection.
I read in order to increase my wit, intelligence, and knowledge.
I write in order to keep myself sane and develop my true talent.

I want to be a good man.
I want to be good at being a man.
I want to be a good enough man for you.
All of this takes time.

You’re out there; I believe that.
I make you this promise:
No matter how many fake numbers and false starts,
No matter how many flakes, ditzes, sluts, and users I deal with,
No matter how emotionally beaten I become,
No matter how many disappointments or heartbreaks in the process;
I will find you.

When I do,
You’ll be glad to find out about me,
I am a man with the mental fortitude to endure all games,
I am a man with the drive to shrug off rejections with a smirk,
I am a man who is willing to put in the hard work to win you,
I am a man who doesn’t quit.

One day you’ll find this poem among my collections.
I wrote it not knowing who you are,
Yet knowing you exist.
In order to defeat cynicism and hopelessness,
To reignite that flame inside myself,
To move forward another day,
Take another step,
To becoming the man you’ll fall in love with.

~Raul Felix

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8 thoughts on “To My Future Wife: I Will Make You Proud To Have Me As Your Man

  1. You are lonely because you choose to be. You know you are not defeated, worthless, cheap, dumb or gullible. Money establishes nothing but the fact that you have it. There is a fire burning inside you my friend. …when you are struggling, throw gasoline on that bitch!

    • Well, I disagree on the money thing. Money gives you options and allows you to actually live out your goals and not be a totally worthless piece of shit who leeches off other people. But I agree, I’m lonely because I just don’t accept whatever chick. I have pretty high standards and I’m looking for some really specific things in a woman.

  2. This could very well have been me writing something very close to this 54 years ago. Six years later that woman walked into my life and in March of 2016 we will celebrate our 48th honeymoon year. Yes, we are married, but we have worked at maintaining the relationship as a eternal honeymoon and it helps to remind us of what brought us together when we hit those bumps in the road. Thanks for writing this Raul. When that woman walks into your life, never forget why you got married, never let the marriage begin, always try your best to maintain the honeymoon everyday.

  3. I feel you. I have the same thoughts. Sometimes i would stay awake at night asking myself if there is anything wrong about me but eventually I would realized.. that my future man is out there and finding his way to me. 🙂 and surely.. i will make myself better too so when he sees me.. he would be proud of me too. 🙂

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