Outside Features

Return of Kings
True Friendship is About Tough Love
Three Crappy Mistakes I’ve Made as a Boyfriend

Sass & Balderdash
Four Ways To Please Your High Value Man

Thought Catalog
4 Things You Didn’t Think of Before Joining the Army
Three Crappy Mistakes I’ve Made as a Boyfriend
3 Surefire Ways To Get Over Your Ex-Girlfriend
3 Rock Solid Ways To Become A More Marketable Bum
Who Is Hooking Up With My Woman
Politcally Incorrect and Loving It
Lost In Manhood
On Talking Shit
I’d Pee In Her Butt
A Gay Meth Story
Why Being A 90’s Kid Was Badass
Every Race Is Worthless

~Raul Felix

One thought on “Outside Features

  1. Raul,
    I just read “The Division of Generation Y” and enjoyed it. I did not go to war, but was prompted to study International Relations in order to understand exactly what happened during 911. I was saddened by what happened in NYC and DC but realized that every action has a re-action, and was curious to know what action we had created as a government to cause such a reaction that people would kill 3,000 innocent civilians. I also studied abroad three times and ended up going to get my Masters and joined the Peace Corps in Honduras. Both your experience and mine were good for us at the time, just different. Back here in the states we strove to learn Arabic to understand the Middle East, donated blood during 911’s massive blood drive, collected money for wounded warrior programs and to send calling cards to our troops so they could communicate with their families and loved ones. I am very proud for your side of Generation Y’s sacrifice. Generation Y is a mixed bag, we all made our sacrifices during these wars, some were just a lot larger than others. We live in an interesting world and one full of choices. Thank you once again for your article and perspective, and of course for your service. Best of luck with your writing career Raul. If you write with passion and perseverance you’ll surely be successful.

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