Talent Wanted

I always wondered what talent I had growing up. I never could quite figure out what it was. I’m tall, athletic, strong, and reasonably smart. But I never excelled at sports(I have zero talent in that department) or did well in school. In fact, if you were to look at my grades in school since 6th grade, you’d be inclined to think my future would be bleak.

One thing that always seemed a constant in my life since I was fourteen was reading and writing. My nose would usually be in a book or magazine; though my reading was so slow that it would usually take me about three or four months to finish a novel. I still remember the first novel I finished reading from cover to cover was The Brothers War by Jeff Grubb. It was a fantasy novel based on the Magic: The Gathering universe that I used to be very into. After that I read a bunch of the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony, Question Quest being my favorite. I never read the books assigned to me in English class. To this day I still haven’t read Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, or anything to do with Shakespeare. Though, I do intend to read them at one point. Except Shakespeare, call me uneducated, but I have very little tolerance to read an old and obsolete version of English.

I never quite kept a journal, but I would on occasion write about the “problems” in my life in a word document or would write long-winded e-mails to a friend about what was on my mind. I also attribute AOL Instant Messenger(AIM) for my ability to write quickly. I was not one for phone calls really. I would usually start, develop, and keep my relationships with friends by talking on AIM. So over the course of time I became vastly more comfortable with the written word than the spoken.

It hit me that throughout my life I’ve been told that my writing was very good. I started to wonder if this was the thing that I had a talent for. I needed to explore this. In April of 2011 I made it a goal to keep a daily journal of at least 1000 words. It took me a few months to become consistent with it, sometimes missing four or five days in between entries. Even now, I don’t quite hit  the everyday mark. I’ll miss three or four days a month. I see myself steadily improving though. My streaks of not missing a day where I write 1000 words of usually gibberish and utterly unreadable dribble have increased. I started reading more and more into the subject of writing and doing the one thing that many aspiring writers simply fail to do; write! Write, write, and write some more is the advice I constantly I heard echoed. Seems simple enough. But write about what? Anything! Just write. I don’t feel like I am an expert in anything at the moment, so I started writing about that subject that I know best, myself.

I see this as the second phase of I-don’t-know-how-many-phases project of developing myself as a writer. Simply getting whatever I am writing out there for you, the reader, to criticize, destroy, and hopefully enjoy. Through this, I hope to see if I truly have a talent for writing. Like any talent worth a damn, it will take a long time to develop and blossom.

~Raul Felix

3 thoughts on “Talent Wanted

  1. Hola, Raul:
    I came across your site during rooshv´s “Big Ass Book Challenge.” I like your site, especially your “Talent Wanted” article. I am a university professor (was a university professor) of creative writing, composition, literature and cultural studies, and I can say that you do have talent. I was born in Philadelphia, and I say that I “was” a professor because I now live in Mexico where I write and occasionally teach ESL. Piers Anthony is good. You might try “Out Of Phaze,” if you haven´t already read it. I have a reading list geared toward men on my MRA site that you might like. http://refuge4mrasandexpats.wordpress.com/male-positive-books/. They are all kick-ass books, including some James Bond and fantasy novels, and a couple are in Spanish. One on the list is by Shakespeare. I used to share your ideas on that–not wanting to read Shakespeare–but I ended up teaching Shakespeare in lit classes. The language is difficult at first, but your writing will improve with the exposure, and his plays are interesting once you get used to them.

    However, I have a request regarding my writing. I have a couple of novels out–horror and a new one in erotica–and I need reviews. You probably know that most of the erotica published now is written by women about beaten down alpha males or gay sex. Mine is male-positive, straight and anitfeminst, with themes and scenes related to Mexico. I probably won´t get many readers that way, but I´m giving it a shot. I have to write what I feel, and my Mexican wife agrees. I am still working on the horror site, but my erotica is at http://randwrand.wordpress.com with some free samples, so you can get an idea of my stuff. If you like it, I would appreciate a review that I can post on my sites and on Amazon.com, etc. I can send you an ebook copy right away and a print copy later if you want. I can give you a link from my sites. Do you have a banner? I am also planning to start a readers´ and writers´ community site, and I would like your input. Please let me know what you think.

    William Rand

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll check out your site when I have a chance, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to read and review your book. I already have a huge backlog of books that I want to read, but it sounds interesting. May even have the reverse effects and you’ll have a female readership who loves the anti-feminist shit you write and will want to fuck your brains out.

      • A backlog of books to read is a good thing. I’ll wait and see if you get some time later. Thanks for the “female readership comment.” I needed that boost for my book, but my Latina wife is already fucking my brains out. ¡Viva México!

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