Outside Feature on Sass & Balderdash

Yes, boys and girls, I have expanded my horizons and taken the next step in my writing. Katie, writer, owner, and slave driver of Sass & Balderdash has been so kind to give me the opportunity to do my first ever guest post. You may have noticed Katie as one my of consistent commenters on my site and she is herself a very talented writer with a snarky, sassy attitude. Now go click the following link and check out my latest entry entitled, “Four Ways to Please Your High-Value Man.” Do it now!

~Raul Felix

6 thoughts on “Outside Feature on Sass & Balderdash

  1. Shared this one on my FB feed and enraged all the feminists on my friends list. So, thanks a lot Raul! Now all the feminists hate me.

    /seriously, thanks a lot.

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