The Division of Generation Y

I have written another original piece for Thought Catalog. I’m quite proud of this one and its a little bit deeper than my other pieces. It really speaks to some of the difference I feel we vets have compared to the rest of those in Generation Y. Check it out: The Division of Generation Y. Also, don’t worry fuckers, I’ll have more original content up here soon.

11 thoughts on “The Division of Generation Y

  1. Hey, man, great piece. OT: Since you’re in Socal, do you think you can cover some FMA stuff there? Everyone from ITS Tac, Loadoutroom, to AoM has martial arts articles. Socal has Balintawak, Sayoc, Pekiti-Tirsia, DogBrothers, Dan Inosanto, etc. it’s the center, basically.

    There are also some really good backyard groups in Socal, ie…

    So far the only really good writer tackling FMA is Perry Mallari, but he’s in Manila:

    Depending on how you write it, I think you’ll have some very interested readership. Thanks!

  2. Very proud of you! Best article yet. Your thoughts are clear, organized, and thought provoking. Your writing has really improved since your first post about a year and a half ago… Can’t believe it has truly been that long.

  3. As a Gen X’er military veteran I am still able to relate to the events depicted in this article. Good read and thank you for your service.

  4. Good article, but as someone who wants to “become one of the greatest writers of the modern era,” you should have had someone proofread your article. It was riddled with basic errors.

  5. It’s a good article. You do need a better proofreader; preferably someone know knows how to edit a bit. That said, the grammatical errors were only marginal. Easy on the run-on sentences though… you will pull your reader out if they can’t follow you — once that happens, you might not get them back. But your style is fine and I enjoyed the article.

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